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Follow These Tips to Help Avoid an Auto Accident in the Dark

During the fall and winter months, it gets darker earlier in the day. As such, you may find yourself driving home from work in the dark. Unfortunately, when it is dark, it becomes harder to see road hazards, which can increase the number of accidents that occur. Here at Lee Insurance Agency LLC, serving the state of North Carolina, we want to help keep you safe when you are driving.

Follow these tips to help avoid an auto accident in the dark:

Familiarize Yourself With Roads You Will Be Traveling On at Dark

When possible, try to familiarize yourself with the roads that you will be traveling on in the dark, and try to stick with roads you are familiar with before the sun rises or after the sun sets. Knowing the roads well will make them easier to travel in the dark. 

Always Use Your Headlights 

Another tip to follow to help you avoid an accident when traveling in the dark is to always use your headlights. It is recommended that you turn your headlights on an hour before the sun sets and leave them on for an hour after the sun rises. Headlights not only help you to see, but they help other drivers see you on the roads. 

Slow Your Speeds When Driving in the Dark

Finally, always slow your speed when you are driving in the dark. You should always drive about five to ten miles per hour slower in the darker than you would in the daylight. 

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While there are steps you can take to minimize auto accidents, you can not prevent every auto accident from happening. As such, it is extremely important that you have an auto insurance policy that fully protects both you and your vehicle in case an accident happens. Contact us at Lee Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater North Carolina area, to obtain quotes for a new auto insurance policy. 

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