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This is How Umbrella Insurance Protects You

You probably have auto and home insurance for your car and home, respectively. Why then would I need additional liability insurance? You may ask. Your conventional liability coverages may not always be enough to cover a significant liability claim. That’s the reason many people are turning to umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance offers additional financial security if the limit of the underlying liability policy is exhausted. We at Lee Insurance Agency LLC have seen it all. That’s why we encourage people in North Carolina to buy umbrella insurance, as it can save them from significant financial turmoil.

This is How Umbrella Insurance Protects You

Shields your assets and properties

If you have assets, consider umbrella insurance. Most people with properties or high net worth are at risk of lawsuits. Umbrella insurance protects your assets in case of costly lawsuits.

It offers you higher liability coverage

People assume that a standard insurance policy protects them entirely in an accident or incident. These coverages have limits, and the damage incurred may be more than the limit. In such circumstances, when the damage exceeds the limit, umbrella insurance kicks in and pays for all the expenses.

Provides you with additional coverage

Umbrella insurance offers a broader protection form that your standard liability insurance will not cover. Umbrella insurance covers incidences like slander, wrongful arrest, defamation, or libel, which the liability coverage may not cover in your car, auto, or boat insurance.

Umbrella insurance in North Carolina

Most people are surprised at how affordable umbrella insurance is compared to the value it adds to one’s life. Don’t wait until a disaster comes your way to find out the benefits of umbrella insurance. Protect yourself inside out with umbrella insurance from Lee Insurance Agency LLC in North Carolina. Call us today for an affordable quote.





Unexpected Lawsuits Your North Carolina Umbrella Insurance Will Cover

Umbrella insurance is the insurance you get when you know the caps on your existing liability and property insurance won’t cover worst-case scenarios. Umbrella insurance functions metaphorically as an umbrella to cover you when it rains big problems. You might be found at fault for a problem you wouldn’t even imagine ever happening to you. 

At Lee Insurance Agency LLC, serving North Carolina, we know that you might need an umbrella on occasion but aren’t sure why. Here are some examples of unexpected lawsuits that your North Carolina umbrella insurance will cover.

Car Accident Liabilities

You know the basics of auto accident insurance in North Carolina. In most cases, your car insurance will pay for the damages from an accident.

If you are found to be liable, your insurance will pay for that too. Let’s say your car accident winds up breaking someone’s legs. Your insurance will pay for those medical costs.

But what if the legs that broke in the accident were gold medalist legs, and you wound up taking someone out of competition for the next four years. We’ve got an umbrella insurance policy for you because that’s an expensive problem.

Social Media Liabilities

Umbrella insurance is commonly used for defamation problems, but you could also be sued for harassment and pain and suffering. This happens a lot to people that say the wrong thing at the wrong time in a public forum.

Perform a random search online with social media outlets and the phrase "lawsuit," and you may be surprised. Someone could cash in on one of those comments. There is umbrella coverage for that.

Renters Insurance

Sometimes when there’s a problem in an apartment building or rented home, there are many problems. Property damage occurs. Someone that came to look at that slips and falls, and the problem never ends. This is another area that umbrella coverage is for.

Get a Free Quote

The thing about umbrella insurance is that it is there in case of emergencies. There are millions of potential emergencies you could have. Get a free quote from Lee Insurance Agency LLC serving North Carolina. We will make sure you are covered. Don’t let lawsuits turn into a life crisis.

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