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Does my auto insurance cover my business travel?

Sometimes you may need to drive your personal vehicle for business. At Lee Insurance Agency LLC, we want you to understand when that happens occasionally, your personal auto insurance probably covers you. We want you to know when it does and when it doesn’t.

Personal Use Defined

Your personal auto insurance covers you whenever you drive in North Carolina for pleasure or household reasons. This means your trip relates in no way to business. In these cases, any policy coverages you choose, such as comprehensive or collision, protect you.

Occasional Use Defined

When you use your auto for occasional business trips, such as driving to a conference, auto insurance covers it. Occasional means on an irregular schedule, typically months apart in use. If you drive your personal vehicle to your industry’s national conference, which occurs once per year and lasts just a few days, your trip falls under occasional use.

Every Day Use Defined

If you drive it every day for business, such as delivering decorated cakes in it, you need a separate policy for commercial auto. Driving it to provide a service, such as visiting the homes or businesses of clients to repair something or deliver something, offers another example of everyday use. In these cases, personal auto insurance does not cover your driving.

Drivers for Uber and Lyft differ from most individuals using their vehicles every day for business purposes, but that’s thanks to the companies through which they drive. Uber and Lyft provide corporate commercial insurance policies to cover the liability of those who drive through their service.

Driving Your Personal Vehicle with Coverage

To remain safely covered by your auto insurance, drive your personal vehicle only for personal reasons. If you need to drive a vehicle every day for work reasons, purchase commercial auto coverage for it. If you drive your personal vehicle for work without a separate commercial auto policy and you’re in an accident, your personal auto policy will not cover it.

Drive safely in North Carolina and beyond, and contact Lee Insurance Agency LLC for auto coverage to keep your vehicle and financial security protected.

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