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Protect Your Basement Against Floods

Floodproof Your Basement

Offering your home’s basement comprehensive protection against flooding goes a long way in reducing the chances of filing a residential flood insurance claim. Follow these simple guidelines to achieve this:

Improve The Drainage

Efficient drainage inhibits water from accumulating within your house’s basement. Routinely inspect the outdoor drainage status. The terrain encompassing your home ought to be level. If there exists an incline, compact the soil with a tamping tool. Gravel added to window wells around your basement’s exterior aids in drainage and prevents water from seeping into your basement.

Inspect Structural Materials

Ensure there are no cracks or holes in the structural materials constructing your basement’s walls and floor. Any weakness could provide an entry route for water. Use a concrete patch product to fix any detected damage. Once repaired, apply a waterproof sealant to the nonporous surfaces for enhanced protection.

Consider Sump Pump Installation

If flooding has been a recurrent issue, installing a sump pump would be a beneficial investment. This device effectively collects and funnels water outside your home. The services of a qualified plumber can be sort to ensure a correct sump pump installation. It offers a practical solution for protecting your basement items from saturation.

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