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What’s the Difference Between An Antique and a Classic Car?

A truck and trailer pull up beside you in traffic. On the trailer shines a stunning Delahaye. You know it has to be at least a 1940s model because they were only built between 1935 and 1954. As you drool over the auto, you wonder if antique cars qualify as classic cars. 

Well, yes and no. A car can’t be considered a classic if it’s over 40 years old, but it’s still a special category of car. Classic car insurance is the only protection for a beauty like that, and Lee Insurance Agency LLC of North Carolina knows best how to insure it.

What’s the Difference Between An Antique and a Classic Car?

There are actually three categories of cars: vintage, antique, and classic. The vintage car is the one you saw descending to the hold in the movie Titanic. They were made between 1910 and 1930. 

An antique car was made between 1930 and 1975. Think of the old 40s cars driven in movies or a 1956 Chevy. Even a 1970s Pontiac GTO is now an antique. North Carolina might refer to this type of car as a historical antique car.

A classic car is between 20 and 40 years old. If it was built from the 1980s up to 2003, then it’s a classic. That would make a 1997 Jeep Cherokee, a 1989 Toyota Camry, or a 1981 Chrysler “K” car classic cars.

Why Do Classic and Antique Cars Require Special Insurance?

When cars get past a certain age, parts with which to repair them become scarce in North Carolina. So are knowledgeable and well-trained mechanics who actually know what your classic car is and how to repair it. Special insurance for special cars is a must.

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