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Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is not a legal mandate in the state of North Carolina, but it will often be a requirement imposed by your landlord. This is because their insurance does not cover you in a situation where the contents of your abode are destroyed or in need of repair.

Why Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance helps with disputes between property owners and their tenants because it provides a ready solution to disagreements. Renters can file a claim with their insurance company, thus reducing the amount of litigation between parties and accompanying legal fees. 

In the event that you need to temporarily relocate, renters insurance can help you with the necessary expenses. Environmental hazards, fire, and water damage can sometimes cause you to vacate the premises until your living quarters can be properly cleaned. 

Renters often have guests over, leading to liability issues when a person is injured due to slips and falls. You can be held negligent for their medical bills and lost wages, and you may also be the target of a lawsuit. Your knowledgeable Lee Insurance Agency LLC can go into further detail about which perils are included in your coverage. 

Your possessions can be destroyed, for example, if your building catches fire, and renters insurance should cover your belongings. They can also be affected by smoke or water damage from attempts to put out the blaze. Vandalism can do damage to your valuables, or they can also be subjected to theft. 

Lee Insurance Agency LLC Can Be of Assistance to You

We serve residents in the state of North Carolina and provide quality insurance products and services for every walk of life. We invite you to reach us online, by calling or visiting us in person to speak to us in more detail about your situation. 

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